Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Online advertising fuels stock growth

Shares of both Google and Yahoo have risen after Goldman Sachs cited strong Internet advertising trends. Sample quotes from Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto:
"The strength in online advertising demand did not appear to abate" in the quarter. "In fact, our discussions with media buyers indicated that major portals had significantly more demand than supply during the quarter."

"Demand -- particularly from seasoned online advertisers rather than new entrants -- is increasing, says Noto, particularly for more elaborate advertising, also known as "rich media," and particularly for placement on major portals, starting with Yahoo!.

"We believe that branded online advertising," writes Noto, "is ... beginning to transition from a test or trial marketing tactic for large branded advertisers to a more permanent component of the overall advertising/marketing mix."

"Branded online advertising is "poised for a breakout year in 2005," writes Noto."

You can also read coverage at Yahoo! News, while at the same time AOL has posted ad revenue near 1 billion dollars.


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