Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More huge figures for online advertising

More good news for online advertisers according to this article in The Guardian and this piece on the BBC website.

The Guardian says: "Spending on online advertising will increase 12 times faster than on national newspapers and nearly 40 times quicker than on direct mail, according to the latest figures from the Advertising Association.The online advertising market is forecast to grow by over 33% in 2005 as companies spend more money on internet marketing."

While the BBC (and this Guardian piece) reported that, "The amount of money spent on internet advertising in the UK has exceeded the amount spent on radio ads for the first time, a report has found.

"The online advertising take surged to £653.3m ($1.23bn) in 2004, a 60% rise on the previous year's £407.8m figure. This represented 3.9% of the total spent by advertisers, slightly more than the 3.8% share that went to radio.

"Online ad revenue has grown more than fourfold since 2000, said the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)."


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