Thursday, May 11, 2006

Teaching Online Journalism: What lies ahead for online news?

In Teaching Online Journalism: What lies ahead for online news? Mindy McAdams summarises the results of a call from for users' ideas for the perfect news site 10 years from now.

"Here's what they said they want:
Reliable filters to compensate for information overload.

Mobile options for news and information. To go along with that, they want new mobile devices that have more memory storage, bigger
screens, and better options for input.

Customized aggregators -- that's not what called it, but a user wrote:
Instead of having to duplicate my holdings all over the Web so I can get customized news from various sources, I
would login to my secure [brokerage] account and there I would find, alongside my portfolio, links to WSJ news and articles.
Less interference from advertising. People come to a site to get particular stuff, and they see the obtrusive ads as obstacles in their path.
User-based selection of top news.
Apparently, many of the users think they would make better gatekeepers than the paid editors. One user wrote:
Instead of traditional news bureaus, a sophisticated network of freelancers, some with no journalistic experience, will act as correspondents, filing stories from computers inside their homes from around the world. The news will be more in depth, and news will be covered much faster.
Context and depth in news reporting. This does not mean "more long text stories" but rather "efficient ways to look up background information
if I want it."

More audio and more video -- tagged and searchable. "


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