Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Viral ads get their own awards

According to the MediaGuardian, who frustratingly fail to provide any links (instead you can find the shortlist here, and the site itself here). A good overview of the form mentions that:
"Some winners simply took the form of funny or entertaining TV ads that had been encoded for the internet, with or without permission, and went global. Alex West, who founded the awards, said Euro RSCG - the creators of the successful Citroen "carbot" ad featuring a dancing vehicle - did not even know the ad was being viewed by millions around the world as well as on TV.

"Others are created specifically for the internet, with agencies able to bend taste and decency rules much further. And some take the form of games or interactive clips, designed to fill up a spare five minutes while pushing their sponsor."

Perhaps most useful is a mention of Lycos's viral chart, which has now been going for three years, and BoreMe.com's excellent collection of virals and overview of 2004's viral trends.


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