Tuesday, May 16, 2006

keyword tools: Google Trends launches

[Tags: , , ]. A new tool from Google (according to Boagworld), Google Trends "allows you to track the searches on a particular keyword." How does it work?

"You go along to Google Trends and carry out a search in the same way as
you would on the Google homepage. However instead of being returned a set of
results you get a graph showing the search volume on your phrase. It is also
possible to compare multiple search phases on the same graph by separating them
with a comma when searching.

"The graph produced shows the peaks and troughs of search activity and this
can be compared with site stats to explain fluctuation in traffic to your site.
Google even overlay related news stories in an attempt to explain what may have
caused the peak in interest on a particular search term."

The article concludes that Google Trends: "has potential to be a useful tool for the hardcore marketer [but] has yet to fulfil that potential. If you fall into that category then you are better off sticking with Wordtracker that provides much more specific information on search terms.."


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