Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'd Like To Teach The World To Ping: Coke Writes The New Book On Marketing

[Tags: , , ]. Some recommended reading and thinking from Online Media Daily:
"Coca-Cola interactive marketing guru Tim Kopp used a traditional medium to make a point during Tuesday morning's session of MediaPost's OMMA conference in New York: a book. Actually, two books. The first cited by Kopp, vp of worldwide interactive marketing at Coca-Cola Co., was co-presenter Rex Briggs' new opus, "What Sticks." Kopp said it was chockfull of sage advice on the new world order of integrated marketing--especially marketing that integrates digital media with analog.

"The heart of Kopp's message was that the shift to a digital media world, in which consumers control the flow of information, requires marketers like Coca-Cola to shift, too. It means moving from an era of classic Coke TV commercials, like "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" and "It's The Real Thing," to one in which consumers are doing most of the talking about Coke's brand.

"He cited two examples of commercials that didn't appear on TV, but in other platforms: movie theaters and the Internet. One of the spots, dubbed, "Happiness Factory," broke in movie theaters, but ended up on YouTube. A second, a videogame like ad that featured a twist on a "Grand Theft Auto" theme, in which a thug spreads goodwill to everyone he comes in contact with, has been running for about two weeks in movie theaters. It's already generated 300,000 blog posts and is featured on the homepage of Lycos in France. "We had nothing to do with it," Kopp said of the online viral spread of Coke's new spots


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