Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Training: New Technology and PR - the way forward

[Tags: , ]. PR workers interested in the new media field may also be interested in a course being offered by the CIPR on 'New Technology and PR - the way forward' - here's the outline:
"Broadband has freed the Web for broadcast PR

The course will look at effective use of the internet to promote your brands and companies. We will examine ways to develop techniques for utilising New Media, for example:
  • Streaming video and audio online as a way of branding
  • Sending material to broadcasters and to consumers directly
  • Identifying the providers for delivering video and audio to websites of major companies
  • Re-thinking how you write copy for the internet: the style, tone and content
  • The benefits of blogging as a new way for promotion, and narrowcasting (producing your own programmes for the Web)
  • How to deliver to mobile phones - the third screens - which can now receive live TV programming and advertising"
A bit obvious? Still trying to cram old media techniques into new media distribution channels? Your comments please!


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