Thursday, February 09, 2006

How communication professionals are using weblogs and for what purpose

[Tags: , ]. The first results from the EuroBlog survey ("to provide a comprehensive overview how communication professionals are using weblogs and for what purpose") are now posted on - direct link to the PDF. The full report will be delivered by the research team at the Stuttgart Symposium, on 16-18 March (details on the EuroBlog 2006 website).


Blogger ksmith1906 said...

The importance of Blogs and other Emerging Communication Channels ( Defined by Chris Yoon of Airfoil Public Relations) has just recently become evident. One could conclude that with the introduction of the Internet and the proliferation of the cell phone, that innovative technologies momentarily reached its peak. However, the growth of the technologies continues. The IPod, MP3, Webcast, Podcasts, and many others that have recently been introduced have caused may communication professionals to realize that their engagement is imperative to survival. Now, several corporations are incorporating Web Blogs, Internet Forums, and other forms of communications into their marketing programs. The TechBoom Continues.

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