Thursday, February 02, 2006

Online Journalism Blog: Web now "core" to NYT

I've reported elsewhere (Online Journalism Blog: Web now "core" to NYT) on this report at the World Economic Forum, but here's a quote particularly relevant to interactive PR:
"Building a community, concluded David Droga, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Drogafive, USA, means you can use "the snowball effect"and "don't have to push as hard”. Droga illustrated the potential held by viral marketing by telling the story of the Burger King "Subservient Chicken"ad. The ad, based on the website, encouraged visitors to type in a command, which a man in a chicken suit would then carry out. Droga estimated that the ad cost US$ 1,000, but that it received around 300 million hits.

"This type of viral advertising was also used by Charles Denson, Co-President, Nike Brand, Nike, USA. Nike's online World Cup advertising featured a ball-juggling Ronaldinho that was downloaded directly 12 million times, and forwarded innumerable times thereafter. This is not about spending a lot of money, said Droga, "it's about great ideas.""


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