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Interactive promotion report: search engine marketing

[Tags: , , , ]. UCE Birmingham Interactive PR student Dorota Jablonska looks at:

Search Engine Marketing (including SEO)

A search engine is a program designed to help find information stored on a computer system (e.g. World Wide Web).It also helps to drive the potential customers to your website. What is more, Search Engine Marketing builds online brand awareness and consumer relationships.

There are different kinds of search engines:

  • search engine, which searches for information on the public Web,
  • enterprise search engine, which searches on intranet (a private computer network),
  • personal search engine, which searches individual personal computers,
  • mobile search engine.

In order to achieve the business objectives the producers can use one of the Search Engine Services that offer optimisation and submission services.

Let’s look at some examples of those.

  1. HQ Search Engine Service
  2. Interactive Return- Online Marketing Agency
  3. Get me on Google, a specialist search engine marketing company
  4. SearchPath? Internet Marketing

What do they offer?

  • Search engine submission, which means getting listed,
  • Search Engine Optimisation, which refers to the act of altering your site so that it may rank well for particular terms,
  • Search engine placement and positioning refer to get your site to the “top ten” ranking for a particular keyword or search terms.,
  • Search Engine Marketing and Promotion as the overall process of marketing on search engines such as: submission, optimization, managing paid listings etc.
  • Internet Marketing Consulting
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing builds brand awareness, influence sales offline and keep their customers informed with relevant updates, news and offers.
  • Online Marketing Training, courses are facilitated by Interactive Return's online marketing, usability and ecommerce consultants.
  • The main solution of these websites is to connect the business to the Internet searchers.

Some of these point need to be described in greater details

Search Engine Submission: Getting listed

Act of getting listed with several different engines , other words search engine registration. In order to let know the search engine that your web exists .

"Search engine submission is akin to you purchasing a lottery ticket. Having a ticket doesn't mean that you will win, but you must have a ticket to have any chance at all." (SearchEngineWatch?.com)

Search Engine Optimisation : Improving The Odds

Method that improve the number and quality of visitors to your websites from search engine listings. It is also a subset of search engine marketing, which includes sponsored search listings. The term SEO also refers to "search engine optimizers".

" Returning to the lottery model, let's assume there was a way to increase the odds of winning by picking your lottery numbers carefully. Search engine optimization is akin to this. It's making sure that the numbers you select are more likely to win than purchasing a set of numbers at random ". (SearchEngineWatch?.com)

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Search Engine Optimizer

An industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients

Pay Per Click Advertisements

They can be found next to search results and are called sponsored links or ads. When the user clicks on the ad the advertiser gets paid for the service. PPC is categorized in Keyword, Product and Service engines.

How to register with search engines?

If you want to use the Search Engine Marketing service you need to pay for an initial setup and monthly fee. Some of the services offer you monthly trial, so they can convince you that their service is worth investment. You can register online, but also you can contact representatives regarding your online marketing requirements.

Multi Channel Feature

Search Engines develop their services as everything else in the virtual word. Now it is possible to assign multiple custom channels to a single ad unit. Google AdSense? Launches Multiple Channel Feature. For more information about the invention go on Google Ad Sense blog


Website where you can find all the information in relation to Search Engines “The Source for Search Engine Marketing” as they called themselves. These include:

  • Latest stories
  • Current Articles but also Search Engine Report Archives
  • Search Engine Listing
  • Search Engine Resources contain a collection of links relating to different search engine subject
  • Search Engine Ratings. Personally I found a very interesting article about online searches done by US home and work web surfers in July 2006 that were performed at a particular search engine. The researchers were carried out by the Nielsen/Net Ratings Search reporting service. Readers can find there a graph, figures and information about the issue. There is plenty of different information which are related to the subject and can clear up any problem.
  • forums, blog
  • submissions tips

Confusion over search listing

If you tend to get lost in trying to distinguish between paid-for and normal listing, you are not alone. 70% of users claim that “online ad clutter is hampering their ability to perform key task” (Dillabough,2003). The reason is marketing jargon that is used by the search engines to describe their paid for listing. Luckily there are services that provide help for clients to “understand the unbiased research, analysis and advice, backed by proprietary data, to help companies profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on their business” (Jupiterreserach, 2005). Jupiter Research Business Intelligence for Business Results company is one of those who will help you to understand all the rules that are estabished.

Event for Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

There are also events where you can learn how to maximize search engine marketing and optimization opportunities and stay informed of the latest search developments and solutions in this area. For Example: Standing-Room-Only event by Search Engine Strategies

What can the Search Engine Marketing be used for?

As an example let’s look at the Coca Cola Company that uses Search Engine Marketing as a tool in its public relations arsenal. Company uses paid search to help managed its reputation that was violated by Sinaltrainal, a Colombian labor union who charged in court that Coca-Cola is responsible for improper anti-union tactics in bottling plants.

Read the article


Search Engine Marketing is extremely useful to promote the business online. It helps to rank better, among million of other websites. Search Engines build brand awareness, customers relationship, influence sales, keep people informed with what is important, and also with what is not. That is the annoying side of the Search Engines Marketing. We all have to deal with PPC, unwanted emails and online advertising. Finding the relevant information is not so easy since the number of websites has been increasing every second. The rat race of those who want to be the most noticeable remains. Every single Search Engines Service will advertise itself as the best, the most helpful and managed. They always say that as a customer you will get the best service, and your website will be ranking well. Registering with them is not enough. Knowing how to maximize search engine marketing and optimizing opportunities, staying informed about the latest developments, understanding analysis, research, etc and constant increasing of the knowledge are the keys to success.


  • Dillabough, 2003, New Media Age
  • Danny Sulivan, 2006 Nielsen NetRatings?


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