Thursday, January 27, 2005

Publicity stunt fools Sun

Brilliant story about how two rappers from Scunthorpe duped the Sun and into running a piece saying they'd been signed to Eminem's record label. It all centres around a fake website - I'll quote at length:

" took just 20 days to devise the scam which centred on a phoney website complete with doctored pictures of 50 Cent.
""[We] scraped together a couple of photos of 50 Cent, put our name on his hat, took videotape of our journey living with prostitutes and sold them the story," he added. "The response from record labels has been crazy."
""There was a risk that they could have discovered that G-Unit Soul is not a record label but that's one we had to take," he said, indicating that a simple Google search would have revealed that it was a fictitious label."


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