Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Tags: , . Interesting mention of the term 'advergaming' from a 2001 conference on games and the news. Here's a quote:

"The term “advergaming” is getting into the advertising and marketing vocabulary. Online games, largely arcade type games, are being used for three different brand awareness purposes:
"According to a report by advergaming can be used in different ways:
  • Associative: where the game drives brand awareness by associating the product with the lifestyle or activity featured in the game… This is like the Jack Daniels Real Pool game where jack daniels paid to have their logo all over the game
  • Illustrative: where the game prominently features the product being promoted.
  • Demonstrative: where the game allows the consumer to experience the product within the confines of the gaming space."
One to explore further...


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