Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PR and the Media Conference

[Tags: , ]. Here's a conference I won't be attending this year: PR and the Media trumpets:
" Fragmentation of the media means that where once PR professionals had to think about 5 terrestrial channels, a section of the print media and the few commercial radio stations, there are now 1,000s to choose from. The result is a much harder to reach audience.

"That's why PRWeek have brought together top media professionals from TV, digital radio, various print media and new technologies to explore the ever-changing, ever-hungry media landscape and how PR professionals can exploit and communicate through the fast moving and consuming media world to create true impact with their PR campaigns."
Who are these experts? The Editors of The Times, BBC 10 O'Clock News, Observer, Nuts, Working Lunch, and MediaGuardian; the Head of News of GCAP Media; the Political Editor of the Sunday Telegraph; the Chief Executive of Chrysalis Radio and the Programme Controller of LBC 97.3 FM.

Sounds more like Old Media than New Media to me. Not a website or digital TV channel or internet radio station in sight.


Anonymous Stephen said...

I agree. In fact I blogged on the same topic. The 13.25 slot got me:
"Managing Your Reputation In A 24 Hour Digital World - Blogs, MMS, SMS, Bluetooth, Digital Radio And Podcasting: Take A Look At The Transforming Patterns Of Media Consumption And Their Cost Benefits For PR."

I Googled all the speakers, and not one I found with a either a blog or podcast.

6:06 PM  

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