Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Using technology for campaigning

[Tags: , ]. Here's a great example of using the power of the internet for campaigning purposes: the Terence Higgins Trust campaigns page allows you to add your name to a pre-written email to a particular cause. This seems to be built using Advocacy Online's software - but you could create a similar email campaign by using a simple email link with HTML that fills in the recipient's address, the subject line, and the body of the email. You can find a page explaining how to do that at Email tips and tricks.


Blogger Caroline Wilson said...

This is an excellent example of harnessing technology.
Beware the pre-formed letter though. The THT asks punters to make a few personalised changes so it doesn't look like junk mail.
But it doesn't help with that by suggesting what sort of changes.
There's a temptation to click click through and while it'll keep the MP busy writing back, it might not have the impact of the letter with the personal touch.

4:43 PM  

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