Monday, March 13, 2006

Interactive Promotiong using Web 2.0

[Tags: , ]. Here's some cutting-edge interactive promotion to aspire to: post-rock band Mogwai have developed a tour website that uses some great Web 2.0* technology to involve fans. To quote from the latest Matador Records mailing:
"we have harnessed the power of GoogleEarth-flickr-youtube mashup to Mogwai's tour bus via onboard GPS, a laptop and a scattering of cameras. See pics of the band lounging in their bunks. Read Barry's daily blog updates. Find exactly where the bus is at this very moment. (Franklin, Tennessee as I write this). Or upload your own photos and videos of the shows to the site.

"...Also click around the map to find links to Mogwai's fave eating spots, bars, BMX and skate parks plus much more."
*Web 2.0 definition: a horrible buzzword that is generally meaningless, but in this context means building on other people's technology (e.g. Google Maps, Flickr) to create something new.


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