Friday, December 24, 2004

A New Idea for Publishing

In which John Battelle argues that "A system of Internet-based marketing, which I’ll call Publisher-Driven Advertising, or PDA, may be soon possible. In this system, publishers would pick and choose from a vast supply of advertisers."

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Monitoring trends in the blogosphere

BlogPulse is an "automated trend discovery system for blogs.", very useful for those wanting to monitor trends or indeed coverage of particular issues/products/services. Hey, why not quote at length...
" is a portal into the world of blogs. features the following:
  • A Search Engine for blogs
  • A set of Analysis tools that are applied to blog content daily
  • A fun look at real-world Trends as reflected through blogs
  • A Showcase, which we think of as a virtual sandbox where our researchers bring you some of the coolest new ideas, tools and gadgets for blogging

If you are a blogger …

  • You can ensure that your blog is represented in our index
  • Try our search engine to see who is talking about topics of interest to you
  • Find out who links to your blog actively through other bloggers' own blog entries, and in what context
  • Check out our Analysis and Trends tools to see what’s current or "bursty" (meaning it bursts onto the discussion scene) in the blogging world on any given day

If you are a web surfer …

  • Try our blog search engine to seek out and compare bloggers’ opinions on various topics of interest. This search engine is specific to blogs and doesn’t mix in other general content on the World Wide Web
  • Check out our Analysis and Trends tools to see what’s top of mind in the blogging world on any given day

If you are a journalist, writer, analyst or researcher …

  • You are going to love our blog search engine. It is a one-stop portal for finding out what bloggers are saying on topics of interest to you or on your beat. We did not scrimp on our search engine’s capabilities – you’ll find it quite powerful to meet your searching needs!
  • Perhaps you want to find out the latest, greatest memes and trends in the blogosphere—you’ve come to the right place. Check out our daily Analysis and Trends.
  • You have a hypothesis you are pursuing and are looking for quick, add-water-and-stir tools to confirm your thinking. Check out the latest selection of tools in our Showcase—we promise that it will be worth your visit."

PR & Marketing Grab Bag

Does what it says on the tin...

Politicos Cynical on Net's Role in Campaign Ads

Standfirst: "The Internet has revolutionized political campaigning for the 2004 election cycle, but not when it comes to online ad spending. We debunk a few myths about online political ads and the nascent field of blog ads, as consultants and publishers hope for a fall breakthrough."

Blog Ads

Already named (bottom of article) as one of the five most influential people, media outlets, blogs, or events that changed the media business in 2004, has an interesting pitch:
"You need to woo the early adopters that traditional media can't reach. You need to impress 100,000 opinion makers with a colorful pitch, not pester 100,000,000 nobodies with a soulless textad or banner. You need Blogads. Read by fanatics, pundits and journalists, blogs increasingly set the insider agenda. Use blogads to start advertising where opinions are made.

Even if you don't plan to use them to advertise, their blog makes interesting reading...


A blog on blogs and PR?

Well this was the site that got this blog started. It would have happened sooner or later - don't get too smug about it Steve Rubel - but discovering you gave me the shove I needed. Some very useful stuff here, not just on PR but on the whole practice of participatory journalism. Consider this bookmark no.1.

Another blog?

It seems I can't help myself. My excuse? O-Journalism is about everything affecting online journalism, and I wanted to make a posting about interactive PR (see next post). It's an area I'm developing some teaching in, and so I decided to set up a new blog.

Because you're worth it.